Property Valuation

Landmark Properties undertakes valuations for a varied segment of real estate products ranging from raw land to projects in various stages of development. The asset types for which valuation services are provided include:

       (a) Vacant land.

       (b) Land and built-up premises zoned for residential, commercial, hospitality, retail & entertainment.

       (c) Development projects such as industrial estates, residential townships, and integrated townships.

        (d) Special-use products such as resorts, health spas, etc

Valuations are undertaken to International Standards, as demanded by most Banks and Financial Institutions. We carry out our own research and work closely with reputable local agents and other market professionals to ensure that we are fully up to date with current market activity and transactions. This enables us to identify changing trends and provide accurate valuations in a fast-moving environment.

Currently, we are the approved Values for most of the major banks and ministries in Oman, such as:

  1. Oman Arab Bank (Al Yusr Islamic Banking)
  2. Bank Muscat ( Meethaq Islamic Banking)
  3. National Bank of Oman (Muzn Islamic Banking)
  4. Ahli Bank (Al Hilal Islamic Banking)
  5. Sohar International Bank (Sohar Islamic)
  6. Oman Housing Bank
  7. Bank Nizwa
  8. Bank of Beirut
  9. Oman Development Bank
  10. Alizz Islamic Bank
  11. Royal Oman Police
  12. Muscat Municipality
  13. Ministry of Justice
  14. Ministry of Tourism
  15. Ministry of Housing
  16. SME Development Fund (SMEF)
  17. Civil Service Employees Pension Fund